We raise our pigs on pasture, down to earth, the way it used to be.    

Our pigs are antibiotic and hormone free. They have been happily munching away on leaves from blackberries, roots and grubs, they receive locally produced grains, and eat loads of apples, bread, eggs, milk and veggies. Though they destroyed our pasture pretty quickly this year, we have plans to expand their living space and create 3 large paddocks we can rotate them through to ensure they always have fresh pasture. These pigs require a lot of hard work, late nights, sweat and tears on our part, but we love it! Its been a real treat for our family to watch them grow, playing, rooting, wallowing and generally doing things that pigs are supposed to do. 

Berkshire is a heritage breed of pig. They produce a higher quality meat resulting in pork that is heavily marbled and full of flavour. It's considered the "kobe beef" of pork.

The pigs are about 250 lbs when they are processed. Each side will work out to somewhere around 90-110 lbs hanging weight and yield approximately 60-80 lbs of packaged cuts. 

Your cost (including slaughter) is $4/lb hanging weight plus butcher fees.

Please call 604-837-4760 to arrange your purchase or email for more information.

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